A New Thanksgiving Tradition

open door stairs

In 2010, Reglue began working with the various foster care organizations in and around Austin. We were overwhelmed with the number of requests received, just in the first week. The person ageing out of the foster system here in Texas faces a number of challenges. Having a computer to begin adulthood/college shouldn’t be one of them.

The kids we focused on were those within a few months of ageing out of the foster care […]

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Kids, Computers & Wasting Time…

cutting the cord

Okay…I’ve had about enough of this.

“This” is the frenzied pitch of an argument that computers do or don’t improve a child’s academic performance or that computers may even be detrimental to the learning process. Okay…I do have some skin in this game so it’s perfectly understandable that I might lean more toward the “do” instead of the “don’t” in this verbal fistfight.

I don’t disagree with some negative parts of this argument. There […]

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Enhancing Education With FOSS

No Microsoft Allowed

There are no profound revelations here…at least not in this post. It just serves to reinforce something we already know.

When we go into a home to give a child a computer, one of the first things we do is explain to them that we have installed Linux on their computer, not Windows. This announcement is usually met with blank stares or shrugs. They don’t care. They are just jacked that they are finally entering […]

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Chillin’ With the Community at OLF


Seems I’m never really able to completely discuss Linux festivals in one article. There are so many little nooks and crannies to explore and report. This year’s Ohio LinuxFest isn’t much different. The visual overload was intense, but I guess the “overload” word already gave you the understanding it was intense. It most certainly was.

From blinking BSD horns to standing room only keynotes and talks, Ohio LinuxFest hit the sweet spot between geek and […]

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Ohio LinuxFest 2014 – A Look At Tomorrow

OLF welcome

I went to the Ohio Linux Fest this year to give the closing keynote address to somewhere around 300 folks. And trust me…this will show up later so you’ll know what I mean…the last two minutes of my keynote were the best part. Wait for it…soon.

But that wasn’t the sum of what I brought home. What I came home with was something a bit more substantial…. I came home with great expectations and hope […]

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