Linux: Boldly Going Where We’ve Not Gone Before


I wasn’t in search of a hero when I found him.

Burt Rutan signed autographs on that blistering hot June day in the Mojave desert. His collection of engineers, scientists and “enterprise rouges” shouldered their way into front page news. SpaceShipOne had just become the first civilian aircraft/spacecraft to carry the first civilian pilot […]

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Teaching Linux to Speak

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Free open source software. FOSS. The vision of one man…a vision tenacious enough to catch fire and spread around the globe. Free open source software is a staple of the enterprise for most of the world. We have one man to thank for that. Richard Stallman’s courage and foresight will be known and built upon […]

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Advertising Desktop Linux


It ceased to be funny about the third time I read it. “Is this the year of the Linux desktop?”

Uh, yeah it is. Just like it was in 2014, 2013, 2012…It just depends on whose desktop you are talking about.

The topic came up when an old friend, Richard, and I began an email […]

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A Linux Bling Screenshot Tour


Attraction. It’s a strong part of human nature. We are drawn to the attractive. Whether it’s in a new car, your home, or a partner; most often, the first thing that draws our attention is that, thing or person, its attractive. And attractive doesn’t always need to measure up to Hollywood’s example.

We all have […]

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Linux & the Bling Factor


I’ve been kicking an idea around for a while now. I deemed it important enough to keep a notebook, a place where I could jot down my ideas and questions…maybe a profound revelation or two. I’ve collected ideas and thoughts concerning this topic from folks like Jim Zemlin, Dana Blankenhorn and Tom Adelstein. And while […]

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Nitpicking Linux

Arguing Linux

We can be a quarrelsome people. We can. All of us. Millions of us.

Millions of people, representing different cultures, languages, religions and political or moral belief structures. But somehow we pull it off — this whole “Linux thing.” From where I stand, this cohesion may well be noted by people hundreds of years from […]

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