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Nitpicking Linux

Arguing Linux

We can be a quarrelsome people. We can. All of us. Millions of us.

Millions of people, representing different cultures, languages, religions and political or moral belief structures. But somehow we pull it off — this whole “Linux thing.” From where I stand, this cohesion may well be noted by people hundreds of years from […]

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Learning Linux: Who’s Teaching Whom?



That’s what we are. We, as in those 50 years of age or more who not only know how to use a computer, but who make them do our bidding. Those of us who can upgrade to the latest kernel, edit photos in GIMP, use Audacity to edit sound files, or who think nothing […]

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Portrait of an Everyday Computer Programmer

computer software wizard

The FOSS Force Interview


The majority of us in today’s work force rely on it to earn our livings. Whether we use it directly while sitting in front of a computer or by tallying a daily quota for auditors to further calculate, in one way or another, software is the key to getting our […]

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Symple PC’s Gift to Reglue

Symple workshop

Many of you may recall that two weeks ago I was lamenting our loss at Reglue of a valuable hardware donation source. The computers donated by this firm were a bit older, but we had little to do to make them ready. We just installed our KDE Mint respin and sent them out the door. […]

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FOSS Reporter Blues


Go grab some coffee and come back to visit with me. I want to explain something that is getting mixed up a bit in the re-telling.

Christine Hall runs one of the most up-and-coming Linux and FOSS websites on the web today. She pretty much runs it all by herself, working into the wee […]

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