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Conversation With Jonathan Thomas of OpenShot

OpenShot logo

The OpenShot Video Editor has had over a million downloads and might seem like the work of a large corporation. In reality, the founder, CEO and lead developer of the project works out of his home in rural Texas.

The Heart of Linux

One of the main benefits of having a […]

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Respinning Linux

Respin Linux

A talk with Randy Noseworthy, the man behind the Linux respins on the old computers that Reglue makes new again.

The Heart of Linux

It started back in 2009, the first year of Lynn Bender’s fantastic brainstorm “Linux Against Poverty.” Lynn’s idea and subsequent involvement with our organization, then named The […]

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Having a Gas at Texas Linux Fest 2016

Libre Office Texas Linux Fest 2016

Deep in the heart of Texas, the Heart of Linux delves into the heart of the Texas Linux Fest. A good time was had by all.

The Heart of Linux

Texas Linux Fest 2016 is in the books, safely tucked away in the annals of free open source history, The wonderful […]

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The Windows Zealot

broken Windows

“Linux is a failed experiment,” she spit. “It has no business even existing in the tech world and I am fully capable of recovering any important files myself. I do not need your help.”

The Heart of Linux

I live in a pretty cool place. We were lucky enough to find a […]

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When A Computer Is Ready for the Junk Pile

Old Computer Part

Just because it can be kept running doesn’t mean it hasn’t outlived its usefulness.

The Heart of Linux

A month or so ago on Google Plus a spirited discussion took place on old hardware. Many held the belief that if old hardware can be used, for any reasonable need, it should […]

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Anecdotal Comparison of Steam on Linux Vs Windows

Super Geek

The word on the street is that gaming on Linux doesn’t work as well as on Brand X. According to our everyday Super Geek, that seems to be just another Microsoft myth.

The Heart of Linux

“Hi, my name is Joan and I live in 104B. Are you the computer guy?”


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The Python Kids Club

Python Kids Club

An 11-year-old asks her grandfather how computer games are made and he tells her they’re created by programmers “using complex mathematical code.” The next thing he knows, she’s learning Python on her own, and getting her chums involved too.

The Heart of Linux

“Grandpa, can you fix my computer?”

My granddaughter’s […]

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The Anatomy of a Linux User


Some new GNU/Linux users understand right away that Linux isn’t Windows. Others never quite get it. The best distro designers strive to keep both in mind.

The Heart of Linux

Nicky isn’t outwardly remarkable in any way. She’s a thirtysomething who decided to go back to school later in life than most. She […]

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