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SCALE Prep Continues; Will Dell Get It Right?

I'm going to SCALE 13x

FOSS Week in Review

While (held in New Zealand this year) is now in the record books and FOSDEM is currently happening in Brussels, the organizational team over at the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) has had its proverbial and collective shoulder to the wheel for the last few months as the first Linux/FOSS event of the year in North America — SCALE 13x — is starting to shape up.

The SCALE 13x schedule […]

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Linux Security Vulnerability: GHOST

If you’re running any flavor of Linux, you might want to check with your distro’s repository for security updates. A vulnerability has been found in the GNU C Library (glibc) that can let a hacker take control of a system. Not all systems are vulnerable, but most probably are.

Upon learning of this security hole this evening, we ran Update Manager on our Linux Mint computers and found all sorts of library files on the […]

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Redmond’s ‘Free’ Gambit

Microsoft Windows Logo

Last week, I had to laugh aloud at Microsoft’s announcement that Windows 10 would be offered as a free upgrade for users of both Windows 7 and Windows 8. This was a strange synchronicity, as I’d wondered allowed in an article earlier in the week, “If Microsoft can’t give Windows away for free on the laptop, how long will it be able to continue selling it on the desktop?” It was a rhetorical question, with […]

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Mea Culpas & Cranky Patients Named Ken

FOSS Week in Review

One of the most discussed items of the week, arriving with much fanfare, comes from our friends at Canonical/Ubuntu, who brought you Ubuntu TV and Ubuntu Edge — oh wait, they said they’d bring them but never actually delivered — and who now wants to be the operating system behind the nebulously termed “Internet of Things.”

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols starts with a mea culpa in his ZDNet article for assuming […]

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Why Jeff Hoogland Returned to Bodhi

Jeff Hoogland - Bodhi Linux

On Tuesday morning I awoke to find in my inbox a cryptic message, sent during the wee hours of the morning, from Jeff Hoogland.

Shortly after our interview I made a liar out of myself and got bit by the Bodhi bug again.

The interview, of course, referenced the one published here on FOSS Force on the Monday before last, in which we discussed his leaving Bodhi for greener fields or Python or something. […]

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