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November’s Top Ten

These are the ten most read articles on FOSS Force for the month of November, 2014.

1. 32-bit Man in a 64-bit World by Larry Cafiero. Published November 26, 2014. Many distros are dropping their 32-bit versions, leaving owners of older hardware out in the cold.

2. Linux Distros & the ‘Except When We Don’t’ Syndrome by Christine Hall. Published November 5, 2014. We love absolutely everything about our favorite Linux distributions — except when we don’t.

3. Microsoft: GPL or GTFO by Larry Cafiero. Published November 14, 2014. If Microsoft is serious about offering .NET as open source, why isn’t it being released under the GPL?

4. Linux Outlaws Ride Into the Sunset by Larry Cafiero. Published November 19, 2014. Our exclusive interview with Dan Lynch and Fabian Scherschel, hosts of the popular “Linux Outlaws” podcast which will end production at the end of the year.

5. The Wide World of Canonical by Larry Cafiero. Published October 31, 2014. Canonical claims that Ubuntu is currently being “used by over 20 million people in 240 countries in 80 languages.” Larry Cafiero wonders how that can be on a planet that has 196 countries.

6. Facial Recognition: It’s Hide Your Face Time by Christine Hall. Published November 6, 2014. A look at our possible future, in a world of constant surveillance.

7. Firefox Turns 10, Making Reglue Stick & Outlaws Ride by Larry Cafiero. Published November 7, 2014. A Week in Review which looks at Firefox’s tenth birthday, Reglue’s fundraising efforts and Linux Outlaws reaching the end of the trail.

8. Kids, Computers & Wasting Time… by Ken Starks. Published on November 18, 2014. Some say that giving a computer to a school kid is useless, since the kid will merely use it to cruise the social networks. According to Ken Starks, this is hogwash.

9. Enhancing Education With FOSS by Ken Starks. Published November 11, 2014. Children hardly ever care whether a new computer comes loaded with Linux or Windows. It’s usually the parents who are stuck in the old paradigm.

10. Synaptic Vs. Update Manager in Linux Mint by Ken Starks. Published October 28, 2014. Do you like the way that Mint has moved system updates out of Synaptic to its own Update Manager?

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