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Linux Security Vulnerability: GHOST

If you’re running any flavor of Linux, you might want to check with your distro’s repository for security updates. A vulnerability has been found in the GNU C Library (glibc) that can let a hacker take control of a system. Not all systems are vulnerable, but most probably are.

Upon learning of this security hole this evening, we ran Update Manager on our Linux Mint computers and found all sorts of library files on the list of files needing updating, which we are assuming are patched versions to deal with this vulnerability, although we don’t know this for a certainty. It doesn’t matter; we’re being prudent and updating anyway.

For more information see this article by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols or search “Linux vulnerability.”

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  1. garry grant garry grant January 28, 2015

    >A vulnerability has been found

    I read that this was patched in May 2013.

    One of these two things is wrong.

    What new vulnerability did they find?

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