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January 20th, 2015

Update: Ken’s Recovery Continues

We’ve received another update from Ed Matthews on Ken Starks condition as he recovers from the serious but routine surgery he underwent nearly a week ago. It’s all good. Maybe good enough that the next update we get will be coming from ol’ Ken himself. We’ll keep our fingers crossed on that.

I talked with Diane this (Tuesday) morning. She said that Ken was doing better yesterday and his color and strength are improving. He was moved out of ICU to a regular room, which makes it more convenient for her to see him. He was sitting in a chair when she got there, though he obviously didn’t get there by himself and was tired in a big way.

He is having less pain overall and with his breathing/respiratory procedures. The procedures involve moving and wiggling things he’d rather not have moved and wiggled right now. Having that hurt less makes things quite a bit better for him. He gets his medications through his feeding tube now, rather than injection. Diane watched one person doing the respiratory procedure and said she had done it better when Ken had gotten out of the hospital the last time, so she wants him home and he wants to get there, too.

The estimate before the surgery would have him going home next Monday or Tuesday, though they’re talking about “early” which might be before that. We will hope he continues to improve as he has been and can be back in familiar surroundings quickly.

Since he’s in a room and has a little more freedom, perhaps he’ll feel like giving us an update after he rests from the morning’s medical aggravations er, procedures.


We would also like to thank all of our readers who have offered well wishes both thorough the comments to these updates and by email. There’s no doubt that these sentiments will be appreciated by Ken as he gets back online and reads them. We know he’s been online already. On Monday, his (and our) friend Ed received an email which he posted as a comment to our last update.

1 comment to Update: Ken’s Recovery Continues

  • Abdel

    Thank you for keeping us updated. I’d like Ken to know that he’s already deeply missed here on Foss Force.