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Why Linux & Open Source Writers Should Be Paid

Steven J. Vaughan-Nicols
Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols
If you’re really using Linux, you’re either making money now or you will. It’s that simple. Programming jobs, sysadmin slots, they’re out there. 88% of all hiring managers are now looking for guys and gals with Linux and open-source chops.

You know who’s all too often not getting paid? People who are writing about Linux.

There are exceptions. I’m one of them. I’m lucky. Most authors, like the good people at FOSS Force, are doing it for love. They’re doing it because they believe in Linux and open-source software.

We need them. Without their efforts, news goes uncovered, events go unnoticed, and the FOSS gospel is left unspoken.

When I started writing about Linux, not long after Linus put out a note to Usenet, there were a lot of professionals covering technology. That was then. This is now.

Tech journalism, like most of the press, is a declining field. I can count on the fingers of one hand the people who are still covering Linux and related fields.

Now, more than ever we need writers who are willing to cover FOSS. To help keep that happening, these good folks need to be paid. Oh, we’re not talking about enough to buy a new house or even a Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu — although both would be nice! We’re talking about enough cash to help put food on the table, keep their Internet on, and a roof over their desktops.

So, reach into your pocket, dig deep and contribute to FOSS Force’s IndieGoGo campaign. You’ll be glad you did.

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols writes about Linux and open source software for ZDNet and other publications.

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  1. Ken Starks Ken Starks May 7, 2015

    Steven, we’ve crossed paths over the years but haven’t ever managed to do so long enough for that coffee. Thanks a bunch for saying what lots of us are thinking.

    Fact is, When I clicked over late last night to see my article, 10 minutes later I donated 40.00. Now that’s some persuasive writing. I persuaded my self to donate. I should hire out as a campaign manager. Deity knows there’s a lot of candidates out there that are going to need one. A good one.

    My next scheduled event will be Texas Linux Fest in San Marcos. It’s a two hour drive for me so I will surly be there. I’ve also submitted for the call for papers to “speak”. You’ll have to come hang out and see how I pull that off.

    Blessings man. Hope to see you there.

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