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OSCON: The Envelope, Please…

OSCON logoOSCON wraps up, as it always does, with its closing remarks, a short talk — this year by Simon Wardley on “Situation normal, everything must change” — and the annually awaited O’Reilly Open Source Awards, which had five winners this year.

The five are…and because no one else will say it, I will:

The OSCON goes to…

Christopher Weber of MediaGoblin: Christopher was recognized for his work on the free software media publishing platform that is considered a decentralized alternative to Flickr, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.

Marina Zhurakhinskaya of Red Hat: Marina serves as the Senior Outreach Specialist, Community Diversity and Inclusion at Red Hat.

Sarah Mei of RailsBridge: Sarah is a Ruby and JavaScript developer based in San Francisco, and she works on RailsBridge, which provides free workshops to get started on, or level up with, Rails, Ruby, and other web technologies.

Stefano Zacchiroli, who wears many FOSS hats: Stefano, a former Debian Project Leader, was feted for his work on Debian, serving on the Open Source Initiative board, and for his work with the Initiative de Recherche et Innovation sur le Logiciel Libre (IRILL) in France.

Doug Cutting, of Cloudera: While Doug now serves as chief architect for Cloudera and sits on the board of the Apache Software Foundation, he has a wide FOSS portfolio which includes founding numerous successful projects, including Lucene, Nutch, Avro, and Hadoop.

Congratulations, all.

This concludes FOSS Force’s coverage of OSCON. While we’ll have OSCON-related stories in the next several days — after parsing the rumors and innuendo flying about in Portland over the last several days — and we’ll pick up our Linux expo coverage next month at Texas Linux Fest in San Marcos in mid-August.

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