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How Well Do You Know the People of FOSS?

The FOSS Force Quiz

How well do you know the people behind the different FOSS communities? Do you know the names of the people who are behind the software we use daily? Would you recognize the faces of the people who fight to keep free software free by helping enforce the GPL or by working on software patent reform? How much do you know about the people who diligently work to support free and open standards so that the digital age belongs to all of us instead of to a handful of corporations?

Would you like to test your knowledge of the people of FOSS? Take our quiz. We have eighteen questions, each concerning a person considered to be a leader in the FOSS world. Have we left anyone out? You betcha — starting with you. The way we see it, each and every one of us, whether we merely use FOSS at home, work to keep FOSS software maintained or fight the good fight to keep free tech free, is equally as important.

The quiz is pass/fail. Get 70 percent right and you pass.

The FOSS Force People of FOSS Quiz

people of FOSS

[HDquiz quiz = “591”]

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  1. netscarf netscarf February 4, 2016

    11/18 🙁 Got all the pics right. Just shows how visual the net has become over the years… Never was good at names.

  2. Mindaugas Mindaugas February 4, 2016

    I scored 11/18 or 61.11%. Not good, but not bad…

  3. twright twright February 4, 2016

    hehe. 14/18, 2 pictures wrong. also learned something along the way

  4. MarKov MarKov February 4, 2016

    10/18 – I’m the best!

  5. Ricardo Ricardo February 6, 2016

    I did “16/18 or 88.89%”, MUCH better than I thought I would.

    I was tempted to choose Arnold as the father of Linux, though 🙂

  6. Christine Hall Christine Hall February 6, 2016

    @Ricardo Did you get our email about your member account?

  7. Ricardo Ricardo February 9, 2016

    @Christine, yes, sorry, I just replied a few moments ago. I have a lot of mail to catch up 🙂

  8. A-Ha A-Ha February 10, 2016

    Aarggh. 12/18 or 66.67% I was that close!
    Hey, that’s 70%, sort of 😛

  9. Christine Hall Christine Hall February 10, 2016

    @A-Ha As Maxwell Smart used to say, “Missed it by ‘that’ much.” Eh?

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