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Learn Git and GitHub Through Videos

The Video Screening Room

These days, GitHub is pretty much the warehouse district where nearly all open source projects are stored and maintained. There are some tricks to navigating the site, which can easily be mastered by watching tutorial videos.

If you’re an open source enthusiast, you need to be advocating for interested community members to familiarize themselves with GitHub, an amazing web tool for collaborative work. There are many introductory videos about GitHub on YouTube, but this one by Udacity I found particularly accessible.

Ask your local public library if they offer an “Intro to GitHub” workshop. It’s high time we use public spaces such as libraries for something more than “Intro to Microsoft Word.” Even if your library doesn’t offer such a workshop yet, your question will make it one step closer to being accomplished. Keep in mind that public libraries belongs to you, the community members. They are not owned by librarians.

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