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Michael DeHaan on Achieving Project Adoption

The Video Screening Room

While open source software has many advantages over proprietary software, it takes more than writing good code to find a user base for a project.

Starting a successful open source project requires a lot more than technical skills. You need to have wise strategies, which Michael DeHaan, founder of the IT automation company Ansible, clearly explains in this valuable video. In this talk, recorded March 22 on the Centennial Campus of North Carolina State University, he explains that for users to adopt your open source creations, the documentation needs to be outstanding. Your web site needs to be very well done. Learn these and other tips in this video.

Follow Michael DeHaan on Twitter, and follow some of the people who follow him too, for they have found a source of wisdom. You can never have too much wisdom when navigating the treacherous shoals of this life. Accumulate wisdom and then pass it along generously to others by your words, by your deeds, or by both words and deeds.

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