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June 9th, 2016

Bruce Byfield Talks ‘Designing With LibreOffice’

Byfield’s thoughtful book on design using LibreOffice can help improve the quality of both online and print material you create with LibreOffice — or even with its progenitor, OpenOffice.

The FOSS Force Video Interview

Disclosure: I (the interviewer) have known Bruce Byfield for many years. When I was editor-in-chief of NewsForge and Linux.com, he was one of my favorite freelance writers. He still is. And his new book, Designing with LibreOffice, solidifies his position as one of the world’s top writers about FOSS. The book is available either for download from the book’s official website or on paper from Lulu.com. Bruce points out that this isn’t Yet Another Manual, which really isn’t needed since LibreOffice documentation is top-notch, but a guide to making both printed and online material look good. ​

Robin "Roblimo" Miller is a freelance writer and former editor-in-chief at Open Source Technology Group, the company that owned SourceForge, freshmeat, Linux.com, NewsForge, ThinkGeek and Slashdot, and until recently served as a video editor at Slashdot. Now he's mostly retired, but still works part-time as an editorial consultant for Grid Dynamics, and (obviously) writes for FOSS Force.

2 comments to Bruce Byfield Talks ‘Designing With LibreOffice’

  • Eddie G.

    As someone who’s going to be attempting to write a book or two(!?) This is truly a Godsend! Thank you so much!!! Cheers!!

  • In the last few days since Robin published this video, “Designing with LibreOffice” has hit 15,000 downloads. Thanks, Robin!