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Happy Birthday, Phoronix!

Phoronix, the website published by Michael Larabel and his team, is having its twelfth birthday today. And while websites can’t eat cake, the people who keep them up and running can, so we’re hoping that Larabel and his friends partake of some cake and ice cream today to celebrate all of the great work they do through the site.

Happy birthday PhoronixIf you don’t know Phoronix, you’re either new to Linux and open source or you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere out in the desert. While most Linux and FOSS sites are writing about software, for obvious reasons, Phoronix takes the road less taken and reviews hardware from a FOSS perspective.

This is a valuable service on a number of levels, especially for FOSS users, since any showroom model of a particular brand of hardware isn’t likely to be loaded with Linux for the test drive. And Phoronix’s famous benchmark testing is a valuable service to developers, sysadmins and server manufacturers alike.

Twelve years is a long time to be going about the daily grind of publishing a website. It takes massive amounts of faith, even more hard work and extremely thick skin to make it work. Our hats are off to all who have worked to make the past dozen years possible.

Happy birthday, Phoronix!

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