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LQ Turns 16 so We Talk With Founder Jeremy Garcia

Happy 16th Birthday, — a helpful site with over 600,000 members. Founder Jeremy Garcia is, not surprisingly, Member Number One.

The FOSS Force Video Interview (LQ) recently turned 16, which means we can sing the Chuck Berry song “Sweet Little Sixteen” to it. Even better, this means the site is old enough to drive in most states. Hot stuff! And today’s interviewee, Jeremy Garcia, is the founder and still head LQ-er. In this video, he’ll tell you how he once expected to get *maybe* 100 members, and talks about how he would (or wouldn’t) do things differently if he was starting LQ today.

GRATUITOUS PLUG: If you have a question about Linux (or BSD or Android or…) LQ is the place to ask it whether you’re a beginner or a long-time professional user. Great place to *answer* questions, too.

EVEN MORE GRATUITOUS PLUG: But Jeremy totally deserves i! He makes his living as an Open Source Consultant. (If you need this kind of service there are far worse people you could contact.)

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  1. Randal Randal July 8, 2016

    The waste of good content comment, made me think of places that I liked that are either no longer, or just in the unmaintained status. (sites like the old Linux Gazzette magazine, and TLDP, that I looked at a while back, and doesn’t appear to have been kept up to date).

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