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SJVN Talks FOSS, Linux, Microsoft & More…

SJVN has been writing about Linux and FOSS since dinosaurs roamed the Earth, and started writing about IT back when single-celled organisms and CP/M dominated the landscape.

The FOSS Force Video Interview

The official Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols LinkedIn page says, “I’ve written over 9,000 articles on business and technology subjects. Highlights include the first popular news story about the web and the first Linux benchmarks. My articles range from features to reviews to OpEd to news reporting.”

A large percentage of those articles have been about Linux and FOSS, so it was logical for us to ring up SJVN (as he is commonly known) and ask him what’s the biggest news about FOSS so far in 2016, and what we can expect in the rest of the year.

DISCLOSURE: SJVN is a co-founder of the Internet Press Guild, to which both interviewer Robin ‘Roblimo’ Miller and FOSS Force publisher Christine Hall belong. We think of him as a friend, unlike management people at more than a few software companies like *cough* Oracle. (Watch the interview to see what we mean by this.)

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  1. Stefan Stefan July 21, 2016

    Regarding the pronunciation of “Mate” as in “Linux Mint Mate Edition” or “Ubuntu Mate”: Your first alternative is correct. It’s derived from the Spanish name of a herbal drink and does not refer to an Australian “buddy”.

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