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$5 Omega2 SBC Beats $300K Stretch Goal

The Omega2 is a quarter of the size of a credit card with a 580MH processor, 64MB RAM, 16MB flash, built-in Wi-Fi, a $5 price and with Linux preinstalled. What’s not to like about that?

The Video Screening Room

The most exciting developments in maker movement electronics is happening with low-cost Linux devices. In case you might not have heard of it, the Omega2 is a very small, very low-cost IoT Linux computer that you can program using many of the programming languages you already know. Check out the compelling Kickstarter video here.

If $5 is too steep a cost for you, see if you can gather together several friends to split the cost on this purchase. Maybe ask your public library to buy a few of these devices to loan out. Do you think that would bring value to your community? Locate members of your local Linux user group to organize a presentation about the Omega2 at the public library. That might be a lovely Christmas present for your community – and all it takes is a little organizing work here in August.

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