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Blender: An Introduction for Final Cut Pro Users

Have you often considered quitting your day job to begin an exciting career as a filmmaker? You don’t need the resources of a Hollywood studio anymore. In fact, you can do it all with free and open source software.

The Video Screening Room

Blender is a very popular 3D animation program, but not many people know that this open source, cross platform software also works well as a video editor. Some people consider Blender to be the best open source video editor available. (See the comments at the end of this article on

To quickly get you up to speed, this well-done 23-minute video explains Blender to people who are already familiar with Final Cut Pro video editor — as well as with others.

This type of instructional video can provide a vital bridge to open source. Every person who is familiar with Final Cut Pro probably has a friend, relative or neighbor who cannot afford to buy Final Cut Pro. Bingo — the no-cost option suddenly becomes a viable option worth considering.

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  1. Zeeshan Hasan Zeeshan Hasan September 23, 2016

    Can Blender create low-resolution proxy files for offline editing on a low-powered computer? High-definition video is too memory/processor intensive for cheaper hardware.
    Kdenlive can do this. We use it at our TV channel in Bangladesh for that reason.

  2. oiaohm oiaohm September 25, 2016
    Zeeshan Hasan yes blender does have proxy video for editing and has had for quite some time. Handling 4k and 8k videos renders as blender does do can get quite painful if you forget to enable proxy mode or don’t enable proxy mode correctly.

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