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Nino Vranešič: Open Source Advocate and Mozilla Rep in Slovenia

What’s it like to advocate for open source and be a rep for Mozilla in Slovenia? Nino Vranešič tells all.

The FOSS Force Video Interview

“My name is Nino Vranešič and I am connecting IT and Society,” is what Nino says about himself on LinkedIn. The video is a little hard to understand in places due to language differences and (we think) a slow or low-bandwidth connection between the U.S.-based Zoom servers and Eastern Europe, a problem that crops up now and then in video conversation and VOIP phone calls with people in that part of the world, no matter what service you choose. But Vranešič is worth a little extra effort to hear, because it’s great to learn that open source is being used in lots of government agencies, not only in Slovenia but all over Europe. And aside from this, Vranešič himself is a tres cool dude who is an ardent open source volunteer (“Mozilla Rep” is an unpaid volunteer position), and I hope I have a chance to meet him F2F next time he comes to a conference in Florida — and maybe you’ll have a chance to meet him if he comes to a conference near you.

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  1. Al Al October 21, 2016

    Slovenia – the only country that has LOVE (sLOVEnia) in it’s name 🙂
    And if you are hanging around in EU, it is worth checking it out also. It is small county but changes a lot with 2-3 hours of driving, scenery, food…

    Just sayin… 🙂

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