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Again Virtual, CloudStack Collaboration Conference Opens Monday 11/8

The online event is free-to-attend, although those living on the West Coast might find the start time to be a little early.

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The Apache CloudStack Collaboration Conference, which opens Monday for a five day run, is again this year going to be an all virtual event due to the ongoing pandemic. CloudStack’s organizers have put a positive spin on the situation by saying it sees the situation as an opportunity to educate a larger number of people about Apache’s contribution to modern, multi-cloud infrastructure.

Some of that education would probably be making people more aware that cloud native software projects aren’t exclusively under the care of the Linux Foundation’s Cloud Native Computing Foundation, but that the Apache Foundation and others contribute to cloud native space as well.

Begun by a startup in 2008, Apache CloudStack is a collection of open source software projects that develop and maintain software for deploying and managing large networks of virtual machines on a scalable Infrastructure as a Service cloud platform. The platform is used by service providers as a way of providing public cloud services, and by other companies as the backbone of their on-premises private cloud offering, or as part of a hybrid cloud.

Conference Details

The conference gets underway Monday at 9 am Eastern Standard Time with Hackathon Day, then gets going for real on Tuesday, with Abhishek Ranjan, CTO at the Indian government’s CSC e-Governance Services, scheduled to deliver the opening keynote, Bringing Digital Services to 1.3 Billion People with CloudStack, at 8:15 am EST.

“For the technical audience, the event will offer five different workshops, which will provide an in-depth overview of the CloudStack power for people new to the technology,” event organizers said in a statement. “A separate track focused on user and success stories is expected to be among the most interesting things at the event. CloudStack Collaboration Conference attendees will get the chance to listen for the CloudStack implementation in companies like NTT Data, CloudOps, EWERK, and”

Like many of the events that have been forced to move to digital presentations during the pandemic, attendance is free, but does require registration. The conference’s schedule is available online for those who’d like to have a look first.

The event seems to be timed to make it convenient for as many people in Europe and North America as possible, which means waking up early for those on the West Coast in North America, where the event will get going at 5 am on Tuesday and Friday, and at 4 am on Wednesday and Thursday. It’s not known whether recordings of the workshops will be available for on-demand viewing for those who might balk at such early hours.

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