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Looking for Work? Electronic Frontier Foundation Has a $100,000 Job Opening

From our perspective, the pay is more than good and the job is in support of a worthwhile effort — so what are we doing hanging out around here?

EFF lighthouse

Looking for work? The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a job opening that will pay a qualified applicant $95,000 to $110,000, depending on experience.

What EFF is looking for is “a Senior Fellow focused on decentralizing the internet.”

“This is a two-year fellowship with the potential to be extended for one to two additional years,” EFF said in a job posting on its website. “The ideal candidate will act as a public advocate helping establish EFF as a leader in the civil liberties implications of decentralizing the Internet. You’ll help chart a course for EFF to have a big impact in the public conversations about decentralization of the Internet and how it fits into our mission of ensuring technology supports freedom, justice, and innovation for all people of the world.”

So, what does a job like this entail? EFF has it broken down into percentages — presumably based on the amount of time you’ll spend on each:

  • Serve as a Public Advocate on Issues Related to Decentralization and Public Policy (60%)
  • Help EFF Establish a Stronger Presence on the Decentralized Web (20%)
  • Liaison to the Decentralized Ecosystem (20%)

These are just the headings. To see the details as spelled out by EFF, follow the link above.

The job requirements in the experience department that you absolutely must have is a short list:

  • Experience with a Content Management System
  • Experience in public advocacy (grassroots, lobbying, online, etc)

However, there are other items on the experience front that will work in your favor if you have them on your resume:

  • Significant expertise in cryptocurrency and the decentralized web
  • Knowledge of open source communities
  • Knowledge of financial laws
  • Fluency in programming in a suitable language(s) for working with decentralized systems, such as C, Go, Javascript, Python, or Rust.
  • Experience in public speaking, public testimony, or giving interviews to the press

“You may work from San Francisco or you may work from another U.S. location,” EFF said, presumably meaning you can make this a remote job if you want it. “This position will need to keep Pacific time zone hours.”

This is mostly a Monday through Friday job, according to EFF, but some nights and weekends might occasionally be required. Whoever is hired will report to EFF’s Director of Technology Projects, and will have no supervisory responsibilities.

If this sounds like you, and you could use a hundred grand or so a year, apply here.

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