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FOSS Force Open Source News Quiz (8/12/22)

How closely did you follow the news about Linux and free and open source software this week? You can get an idea about how well informed you are (and have some fun in the process) by taking our Open Source News Quiz. Once you’re done, scroll down to the comments section and let us know how you did!

#1. What open source-focused online service this week announced that it had changed its mind about deleting inactive accounts in its free service?

After news was published about GitLab’s plan, an uproar ensued, and GitLab did something of a U-turn. You can read about it here.

#2. Last week, the U.S. Department of Defense spent $15 million funding SkyWater, a company that does what for them?

This little tidbit came to us from an article in The New Stack about Google-led efforts in the area of open source chipmaking. You can read it here.

#3. What movie studio this week announced that it was open sourcing software it uses to make its movies?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, DreamWorks proprietary MoonRay software that has been used on movies including ‘The Bad Guys’ and the upcoming ‘Puss in Boots: The Last Wish,’ will be released as open source later this year. Read all about it here.

#4. After nine years, what Linux distribution has returned to being based on Slackware instead of Debian?

Slax 7.0.6, released in March 2013, was the last Slackware-based release of Slax, which started life as a Slackware-derived distribution. Then the distribution’s lead developer, Tomas Matejicek decided to move the distro to Debian. Until this week, that is. Read more here.

#5. SystemRescue came out with a new release this week. On what distro is it based?

SystemRescue (formerly known as SystemRescueCd), Arch Linux-based system rescue toolkit, was updated this week to version 9.04, a release that brings new packages, improvements, and bug fixes. Read more here.

#6. What former Debian developer has been publicly attacking Fedora, Debian, Free Software Foundation Europe and other FOSS project by using websites that appear to be published by the organizations he's attacking?

Daniel Pocock has been playing creepy stalker to these organizations for quite a while now. Read more here.

#7. Support for what once cutting edge file system is slated to be removed from openSUSE?

Reiserfs was one of the first journalling file systems and was once considered by many to be the future of Linux. Then its creator was sentenced to prison for killing his wife and development on the project all but stopped. Read more here.

#8. This week, the Linux Foundation announced the keynote speakers for Open Source Summit Europe 2022. Which person is NOT included?

The complete list of keynote speakers who will be at Open Source Summit Europe 2022 in Dublin can be found here.

#9. What once popular tech-centered TV show is being rebooted for broadcast on AMC?

T-t-that’s right, Max Headroom. Read about it here. here.




Ya done good! The way we figure it, Red Hat’s probably got a job for you. You know your open source news!

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