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Laptop Power Management Issues Still Bug Linux

Sometimes Linux drains battery life for no good reason, which shouldn’t be confused with “The Linux way.”

For those who remember the bad old days when power management on Linux laptops cut battery life to something like half of what Windoz would get on the same machine, power management on Linux seems perfectly fine these days, with many name brand Linux laptops offering ten or more hours of compute time without a charge.

It’s still not good enough, however, which is keeping certain brands from being able to ship Linux-loaded machines to some countries with stringent power management requirements.

Paradoxically, some of this isn’t 100% Linux’s fault — except that it is.

In this article from Michael Larabel from Phoronix, Mario Limonciello of the AMD Linux engineering team explains some of the issues, but we learn that some of the ways in which a new patch series to address the issues is generating a wee bit of controversy.

As usual for Larabel, the article is short. You should be able to read it in a couple of minutes.

Read the article here: Power Management Bugs Hold Up Some Linux Laptops Due To Regulatory Requirements

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