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Fedora Extends Flock’s Call for Proposals to April 29

Those who wish to speak at this year’s Flock to Fedora conference still have until Monday, April 29 to apply.

Towards the end of March, we told you about how you could go about being a speaker at this year’s Flock, which is Fedora’s developers’ conference that this year will be held in Rochester, New York from Wednesday August 7th to Saturday August 10th. All of the information in that article is still true, except that the deadline for the Call for Proposals has been pushed back to April 29.

What this means is that if you have an idea for a presentation you’d like to give, and one that you think would fit the conference, you still have about six days or so to let the folks at Fedora know about it. For more information on what the organization is seeking as far as presentations go, and for complete details on how to offer your idea, go to this Fedora Project webpage and follow the links.

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