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Posts published in “Distros”

The AlmaLinux Dilemma: When Upstream Suddenly Disappears

"I wanted to know about how the folks at Alma felt about the recently formed cartel that includes never to be trusted Oracle; SUSE, which is recovering from a case of Stockholm syndrome that was brought about by several decades of abuse by Novell and the other owners that followed; and Kurtzer's Rocky Linux, which might be a fox or might be a lamb, I haven't yet decided."

FOSS Week in Review: Window Maker Live Adopts Systemd, New Tails on the Down Low, and Google-Free /e/OS

In this week's news roundup we look at the release of three Linux-based operating systems -- one focused on privacy, one on the desktop, and the third for going mobile.

FOSS Week In Review: ‘Maddog’ on Red Hat, Cooking With Mint, Linux’s Big Mac Attack & more…

In this week's news roundup, our Christine Hall tells you what she thinks has gone wrong at Red Hat, and again tries to wrestle Elon Musk to the floor. In between, she covers some more of this week's FOSS news.

FOSS Week In Review: Istio Graduates, Oracle Bitch-Slaps Red Hat & Elon Musk’s AI Dream

After seven years, we're reviving our Friday FOSS Week in Review column. This week we're covering Istio's graduation at CNCF, Oracle's attempt to take the moral high ground against Red Hat, and Elon Musk's latest adventure.

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