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Posts published in “Distros”

Roundup: War’s Effect on Gaza Tech, Microsoft’s Howto for Installing Linux; California’s Right to Repair Law, and More

This week FOSS News Roundup also includes a list of some goodies coming to KDE Plasma 6.

Ubuntu Releases 23.10 ‘Mantic Minotaur,’ Then Makes it Unavailable

Although the "live" version Ubuntu 23.10 remains temporarily unavailable while Canonical works out problems with hate speech in the Ukrainian translation, we can tell you what you can expect when it's finally available.

Roundup: Red Hat Shuts Down Another Service, Layoffs at Brave Browser, and More…

Also included in this week’s FOSS Week in Review: OpenPubkey goes to Linux Foundation, Adding vector support to MySQL for AI, and the results of last weeks rolling release poll.

RMS’s Cancer, Linux’s Shrinking Support, Goog’s ‘Privacy Sandbox’, Naming OpenSUSE, and More

Also included in this week's FOSS Week in Review: Gnome's new due date, readers say Red Hat's changed for the worse under IBM, and a new poll asks how you like your distros released.

FOSS Week In Review: ZFS’s Ubuntu Return, the Nigerian Prince Goes AI, Stolen Passwords, Torvalds Does Hutton, and More

In this week's roundup we look at ZFS's return to Ubuntu as an install option (and why it was removed in the first place), how the Nigerian Prince is adopting AI for phishing, Linux Torvalds fabulous impersonation of E.F. Hutton, and more.

FOSS Week in Review: Kali Cleans House, Kalendar Becomes Merkuro, Brave’s Unfree Assistant, & More…

The cryptocurrency funded Brave Browser has a new proprietary AI assistant; new versions of Kali, KDE Gear, and LibreOffice; with changes on the way in The Document Foundation's versioning scheme.

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