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Votes Tallied on the GPL and the NSA’s Spying

Yikes! We got behind in looking at the results of the polls we run here on FOSS Force, which means we’ve got some catching up to do.

What was your opinion on the GPL?

Back on June 30th we asked you, “Which of the following best describes your thoughts about the GPL?” The poll’s been active since, though for most of that time it’s been buried in the article What’s Your Take on the GPL? back in our archives. We took it down just this morning.

In this poll we offered the following options as answers:

What’s Your Take on the GPL?

Most of us come to GNU/Linux and FOSS for reasons other than the GPL. Some, perhaps, first installed Linux only as a way of tinkering or just to have a look at a PC running something other than Windows. Others, maybe, grew tired of Microsoft or constantly dealing with the “blue screen of death.” The need to breathe new life into a computer that had grown obsolete by Redmond’s standards brought others to discover Linux. Then there are those who came for the free beer.

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