PlayStation 4’s Linux Hack

PlayStation 4

Gaming on Linux

Hopefully everyone had a pleasant holiday season. Only weeks into the new year and already some interesting gaming news has happened.

Noted hacker group fail0verflow has hacked the PlayStation 4, running a […]

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Online Vigilantes: Hacking Sony for a Cause?

hacked site

It would seem the day of website defacements just for the heck of it are long past. I mean, that was so 1990s, right? Today’s hacker, the ones who have meaningful targets, are having a […]

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Boycott Novell Lenovo?

A deal with the devil

It was in 2009. I possessed the best laptop that I had ever owned…to that point in time anyway. Small, but not cramped. A display that was beyond any adjective. “Dazzling” is what comes to […]

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Sony & North Korea: Dumb & Dumber

Hacking, hacking, everywhere hacking. And not the good kind either. We’re talking cracking hacking.

Take the Sony hack for instance. Bunches of movies set for Christmas release are now available online for free, for those […]

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