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Opening Pandora’s Box

Pandora logo

I first placed music online in 1996, a WAV file recorded through a microphone to promote the sale of an album I had under license on my indie BeanBag label featuring Georgie Fame and Van Morrison. I cheered for other music industry executives like Larry Rosen of GRP Records when he launched Music Boulevard online […]

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Google: The Thin Line between Search and Surveillance

George W. Bush (right) stands with Presidential Medal of Freedom recipients, Vinton G. Cerf (left) and Robert E. Kahn (middle), Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2005, during ceremonies at the White House. Cerf and Kahn were honored for their work in helping to create the modern Internet. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

One could argue that Google is a corporation whose content and cash flow results from their ability to survey the Internet with unfettered access to users’ information under protection of the Safe Harbor Provision of the DMCA. The provision is a corporate loop-hole that allows Google to not be held responsible for content that might […]

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