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February 25th, 2015

SCALE 13x in Pictures

Okay, so you’ve probably heard more than you want from me, word-wise, when it comes to SCALE 13x. So I’ll shut up now. But while I wait for the applause to die down, I will say that, from most standpoints, SCALE 13x was a remarkable success.

That said, here are some photos from the four-day event. SCALE 14x will pick up again next year in Los Angeles, more than likely at a new venue that will fit the size and scope of the show better (and at a venue, more than likely, with “Convention Center” at the end of its name).

SCALE Girls in Tech

On the SCALE 13x expo floor, Murriel Perez of Girls in Tech L.A. talks with Hacker Public Radio’s Matthew Williams at the Girls in Tech L.A. booth. (SCALE photo by Sean McCabe, CC-by-2.0)


The throngs of SCALE 13x attendees gather around the HP booth for one of their many drawings. (SCALE photo by Sean McCabe, CC-by-2.0)

SCALE Bad Voltage

Jono Bacon, left, and Bryan Lunduke rehearse for the live version of their podcast “Bad Voltage,” performed on Friday night at SCALE 13x (SCALE photo by Sean McCabe, CC-by-2.0)


A NGINX rep fields a question at their booth at SCALE 13x. (SCALE photo by Dennis Rex, CC-by-2.0)

SCALE Suehle

Not only did Ruth Suehle give the Sunday keynote, she could also be found at the O’Reilly booth signing the book she co-authored with Tom Callaway on the Raspberry Pi. (SCALE photo by Sean McCabe, CC-by-2.0)

SCALE Media Temple

And what Linux/FOSS expo would be complete without…skeeball? The MediaTemple booth provided skeeball for those who wanted to try their skill at SCALE 13x. (SCALE photo by Dennis Rex, CC-by-2.0)

SCALE Linux install

It’s not all show at SCALE 13x. The expo holds its annual Linux Class for new users, where people install their distro of choice and are given instruction on how to use it. (SCALE photo by Sean McCabe, CC-by-2.0)

SCALE SaltStack

The SaltStack booth remained abuzz with activity during the course of SCALE 13x, in preparation for their upcoming Saltcon in Salt Lake City. (SCALE photo by Dennis Rex, CC-by-2.0)

SCALE Banks Family

SCALE is a family affair for the Banks family. Keila Banks, center, gave a talk in the SCALE: The Next Generation track, while, from left, Phillip Banks, Jr., Phillip Banks, Sr., and Hunter Banks work on support for the show. Phillip Sr. leads tours of the expo during the course of the show. (SCALE photo by Sean McCabe, CC-by-2.0)

SCALE MC Frontalot

Geek rapper MC Frontalot provided the entertainment during Game Night on Saturday night at SCALE 13x. The concert was brought to SCALE 13x by OpenNMS. (SCALE photo by Sean McCabe, CC-by-2.0)

Larry Cafiero, a.k.a. Larry the Free Software Guy, is a journalist and a Free/Open Source Software advocate. He is involved in several FOSS projects and serves as the publicity chair for the Southern California Linux Expo. Follow him on Twitter: @lcafiero

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  • Colonel Panik

    Thanks Larry!
    Your SCALE posts have been great.

    Next year some live streams? SCALE as it happens because
    some of us live in areas that don’t have any community of
    any kind. Share the wealth.