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Fedora Seeks Diversity Advisor

In lieu of a weekly wrap-up which normally appears here at the end of the work week, I’m going to report on something I think deserves its own special mention.

The Fedora Project — mythically known as the “bleeding-edge distro” which only experienced users can use, but which in reality can be used easily by anyone from kids to grandmothers — understands the unique connection between diversity and open source. They are looking for a Diversity Advisor, and they’re seeking your help.

Fedora logo“Increased diversity is crucial to the future of open source,” their post states. “A range of contributors from varying backgrounds brings broader experience to the table, which makes for healthier projects — and ultimately better software. To make Fedora a more diverse community, the Fedora Council (our new governance and leadership body) has an open position for a Diversity Advisor, and we need your help to find the perfect person for this role.”

First they want to put a search committee in place “to find the most awesome and incredible human being for the job — and this message is the invitation to join the community.”

Here’s the job the search committee will seek to fill: “The Fedora Diversity Advisor will lead initiatives to assess and promote equality and inclusion within the Fedora contributor and user communities, and will develop project strategy on diversity issues. The Diversity Advisor will also be the point of contact for Fedora’s participation in third-party outreach programs and events.”

Do you want to be on the committee that will be seeking to fill this job? You have until March 31 to apply and the information is all in the link above.

I am sure a lot of qualified people will lining up for a crack at the Diversity Advisor once the committee has been formed, and it would be interesting to see who ends up in the position. Rest assured you won’t have competition from me in the resume race. While I’m sure I qualify and while I think I’d make a pretty good Diversity Advisor by various metrics Fedora may be using, I firmly believe that I am hamstrung by a demographic reality: No matter how qualified, the last person promoting diversity should look like 90 percent of the tech field (i.e., a middle-aged, straight white guy).

And if you want to be on the committee given the job of finding just the right person — good luck!


  1. No Bicycle No Bicycle March 22, 2015

    Cultural Marxism in Open Source will destroy Open Source communities just as it has done every community it has stealthily forced its way in.

    As Torvalds has said, diversity of ideas are already welcome and already exist. The ship he runs is already meritocratic.

    What do you want, code signed and trumpeted by one-legged Lesbian AGW activists? Not relevant.

  2. Colonel Panik Colonel Panik March 23, 2015

    @ No Bicycle We want fewer trolls. Troll food is expensive.

    Larry, Go for it, you would be good in that spot and your
    many years cheering for FOSS is the best qualification of all.

  3. Leslie Satenstein Leslie Satenstein March 25, 2015

    If the city in which you live already very diverse (people from Arab, Europe, US, Canada, Mexico and Latin America, then the diversity Advisor must mean individuals with a large range of experience in many fields of IT.

    Montreal, I am sure, has the most ethnic diverse IT workforce in the world. (Our software engineers, men and women) come with honed Linux and other software engineering skills. Montreal is a hub for the aerospace industry, telecom as well as the gaming industries. We have our own locally sized Silicon valley

    Please reread the original posting. Is it people diversity or is it a person with Diverse technical skills.

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