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OSCON Deadline Nears, Linux in High Places & More…

FOSS Week in Review

So before we start it should be noted that our friends on the Isle of Man have deemed today Ubuntu Community Appreciation Day, with the intention of thanking someone in the community for their contribution. So go ahead and thank someone, and remember where you heard it first.

You’re welcome.

Meanwhile, where FOSS roams free and unencumbered…

OSCON logoOSCON Speaker Submissions Close Soon: While the folks at the Southern California Linux Expo are putting the final touches on the speaker schedule for SCALE 14X, which takes place in January in Pasadena, a little further north in Sebastopol in the San Francisco Bay Area, our friends at O’Reilly are watching the clock wind down to the deadline for their speaker submissions for OSCON. OSCON’s proposal deadline is midnight on Nov. 24 for a conference which takes place in mid-May 2016 in Austin, Texas. This, of course, means that while you’re racing to get that proposal in — and we know you are (and that’s okay) — you’re going to want to keep in mind that it’s still going to have to be relevant in a half-year. Your mantra, then, from here on in is “long shelf life.” And good luck with that proposal.

Linux in High Places: Meanwhile in Canada, “Cooking with Linux” guy Marcel Gagne reported an interesting item about a Liberal MP — that’s “Member of Parliament” for those of you keeping score at home south of the 49th Parallel — who has some serious Linux and FOSS cred. David Graham, who serves in Ottawa as the representative from Laurentides-Labelle in Quebec, is a Linux user and more. From his web page: “During more than eight years as a technology journalist, he founded, ran, organized, or volunteered with a number of charities, non-profits and community projects in the fields of technology, heritage and community action, including as a co-founder of the Open and Free Technology Community, three-term board member of Software in the Public Interest, and driver for Operation Nez Rouge in Mont-Tremblant, among many others….” His distro? Debian, he says, but he’s not a johnny-come-lately: He’s been using Debian since Bo, which would be summer of 1997. But wait, there’s more: “Slackware before that.”

Twitter exchange
A Twitter exchange between Canadian FOSS advocate Marcel Gagne, Liberal MP David Graham, and yours truly. Where some members of the U.S. Congress can’t use email by themselves, this Canadian Member of Parliament has been a Linux user for around two decades.

Quick Takes: J.A. Watson at ZDNet is starting a series on how to modify your desktop, and he might be going in reverse alphabetical order because first up is Xfce…Gavin Clarke at The Register reported this week that Debian founder Ian Murdock is joining Docker in some technical capacity that was unavailable at publication…Also from The Register, Scott Gilbertson gives a favorable review of the newly released Fedora 23, which of course was expected from the folks at Fedora, and with Fedora 23 out, it means that it won’t be long until the Fedora-based Korora 23 (now in beta) will be available.

See you Monday.

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  1. 2_ok 2_ok November 27, 2015

    There are few things that Linux developers should focus>
    1. energy saver mode, for example have all black and green and red colors in the theme,save 0 in pars of memory that is not used etc…

    2. roor kit thing.

    3. monitor drivers that will come from some users and problems with how do they say some things called drivers for devices like usb etc… they could be base for making wourneable things…

    4. netstat will not show all.

    5. updates from the Internet are having flow with more check sums it will be more secure.

    6. left for the one!

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