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Take Our Quiz: Check Your Knowledge of Linux Distros

The FOSS Force Quiz

Are you a distro hopper? Are you one of those people who knows what day of the week it is because of which distro you’re using? If so, this quiz is for you. But even if you’re one of those people who finds a distro you like and sticks with it until it becomes as comfortable as a well worn shoe, you’ve probably done your homework, and that’s why you were able to find the distro that was a perfect fit for you. In other words, you’ll probably do well on our quiz too — because it just might be a tortoise and hare sort of thing.

Anyway, now it’s time to test your knowledge in our FOSS Force Linux Distro Quiz. There are 18 questions about 18 distros and it’s pass/fail; either you make the grade or you don’t. 70 percent is the magic mark. Go over, and you’re off to study for your Linux certification. Go under, and it’s back to seventh grade for you. After you’re through you can check your answers. Each answer you get wrong will be underlined in red and all the right answers will be underlined in green.

And yes, this does count toward your final grade and will go on your permanent record. And no whining about questions being unclear. We’re the teachers. We’ll decide whether the questions are clear or not…

The FOSS Force Linux Distro Quiz

Linux Tux

[HDquiz quiz = “589”]

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  1. Lizzi Lizzi January 24, 2016

    10 of 18 with a couple that my second guess was the right one. Back to middle school with me!

  2. Mindaugas Mindaugas January 24, 2016

    I scored 13/18 or 72.22%. So, i passed!

  3. Ken Starks Ken Starks January 24, 2016

    16 out of 18, but it’s my bid’ness to know these things. I can’t gloat, but the two I missed were pretty touch. 11 and 13 if I remember correctly.

  4. Ricardo Ricardo January 24, 2016

    18/18! I had a couple of doubts too, but I got them right in the end (no googling, as that would take the fun ouf of these quizzes).

  5. Ricardo Ricardo January 24, 2016

    My struggle was with 7, 9, 11 and 14.

  6. MarKov MarKov January 24, 2016

    10/18 – I’m surprised I knew so much; Slackware is all that I’ll ever need.

  7. claudecat claudecat January 24, 2016

    18/18! I was a little unsure of a few, but clearly I need to get out more. I’ll blame it on the fact that it’s winter and there’s no baseball…

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