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Jeff Hoogland Talks Bodhi Linux, Enlightenment, Moksha and ‘Magic the Gathering’

The FOSS Force Video Interview

Just a few days before releasing Bodhi Linux 3.2.1, Bodhi’s founder and lead developer, Jeff Hoogland, took time out to sit down for this up close and personal chat with FOSS Force’s resident video interviewer Robin Miller.

You know Jeff Hoogland is also known as “Daddy” when you hear a baby in the background. But a professional Magic the Gathering player? With the patience and stamina to tough it out until the Enlightenment desktop was finally usable after twelve years of waiting? This is an unusual man, obviously well worth knowing even if only via remote video through a poor connection.

The last Foss Force interview with Jeff Hoogland was in January, 2015. He had un-project-headed himself from his creation, Bodhi Linux, then decided to return. He’s still there, maintaining his Enlightment-based Ubuntu derivative. Why yet another distro? Hoogland says why quite eloquently during the interview, so there’s no need to repeat his words here. He’ll also explain the Moksha desktop and explain why it is based on E-17 instead of a more recent version. (The Wikipedia link above will teach you about the Enlightment desktop’s tangled path, which is way beyond the scope of this video intro.) Besides Bodhi Linux and being a full-time dad, he is a pro-level Magic the Gathering player, complete with active Twitch and YouTube feeds devoted to the game. A full life indeed! (We should all live so well, eh?)


  1. Duncan Duncan May 19, 2016

    Hmm… Is the video public?

    I don’t have a google account, and (after enabling a fossforce website page to load youtube in request-policy-continued, blank space for the video before that) I get “Please sign in to view this video.”

    First I searched for the video on youtube using terms such as “jeff hoogland enlightenment” and “jeff hoogland interview” (without the quotes in the actual searches), and came up with a bunch of hits, but none that looked related to this article. I suppose I know why now, since the video in question seems to be marked private or something.

  2. Duncan Duncan May 19, 2016

    OK, it’s working now. I’m watching it in another window. =:^)

  3. Christine Hall Christine Hall May 19, 2016

    @Duncan That’s good. After your initial comment we changed the settings. We were unaware that the settings we were using would require viewers to be logged in to a YouTube account. Now we know. 🙂

  4. Duncan Duncan May 19, 2016

    Thanks for the confirmation and further explanation. I had seen playlists with videos now marked private that showed a different notice, but this was the first time I’d seen a sign-in-to-view notice, and I wasn’t even aware that google /had/ such a video authentication level.

    Now I know, so I guess we both learned something about youtube we didn’t know before. =:^)

    Meanwhile, I note that this is the first video up on a new channel. Looking forward to seeing more, tho of course I won’t be (youtube) subscribing as that’s kinda hard without an account, which I’m not particularly interested in getting — google knows quite enough about me already, despite my no account, session-only cookies (and restarting firefox frequently so only short sessions), blocking connections to them on other sites by default, etc, no need to deliberately give them them even more info on me than they already have.

  5. Christine Hall Christine Hall May 19, 2016

    @Duncan I’m happy to tell you that Robin “Roblimo” Miller will be doing a video interview every Thursday here on FOSS Force. The first one with Jeremy Sands with SELF went up two weeks ago, but we’ve run across a snafu getting it to show up on our channel. However, you can watch it at

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