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Charlie Reisinger: FOSS in Education Proponent…and Practitioner

Resinger figures that by using free and open source platforms such as Moodle and WordPress instead of proprietary options, his school district is saving something like $40,000 a year. As the clickbait headline might read, what he said next will amaze you.

The FOSS Force Video Interview

This is what Charlie Reisinger’s Amazon author bio says:

“Charlie serves as the Technology Director for Penn Manor School District in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. A member of the senior leadership team, he directs instructional technology programs and technical infrastructure and operations. A passionate advocate and speaker on open source values in education, Charlie and his team implemented the largest classroom desktop Linux program in Pennsylvania.

“Under his leadership, Penn Manor School District received the 2011 School of Excellence in Technology Award from the Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA). In 2016, Penn Manor was recognized with the Districts of Distinction Award for the Open Source one-to-one Laptop Program.”

The book’s title is The Open Schoolhouse: Building a Technology Program to Transform Learning and Empower Students. The Kindle version is only $4.99. I’ve read it. You should read it, too, if you’re a teacher, school administrator, student, parent, uncle or aunt or have friends or family with kids in school — or even if you’re a taxpayer someplace where they have public school or you’re connected in some way with a charter school or private school.

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  1. UPS UPS October 6, 2016

    By making the dent in MS hood it will carve out piece of MS’s favorite cake…

    If people really know what is Linux they would switch….

    But there is so much media narrative that it is hard to believe that it will make some significant part of home PC’s and that is the place MS likes…

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