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November 1st, 2016

October’s Top 10

These are the ten most read articles on FOSS Force for the month of October, 2016.

1. We’re From Microsoft and We’ve Been Remotely Watching Your Computer by Ken Starks. Published October 4, 2016. It’s getting harder and harder to scam little old ladies these days. They’ll just up and switch to Linux on you.

2. Pixel Takes Raspbian to the Next Level by Isaac Carter. Published October 12, 2016. Raspbian, the Raspberry Pi’s most well known distro, has an exciting new look and feel with Pixel.

3. They Said Nobody in Jordan Knew About Linux but They Were Wrong by Robin “Roblimo” Miller. Published October 13, 2016. In this story, “Roblimo” takes us back to 2002, to an open source conference in a country where the common belief was that “nobody knew anything about Linux.” Boy, were they in for a surprise.

4. Fedora Warns Against ‘dnf update’ in Graphical Environment by FOSS Force staff. October 5, 2016. Users of Fedora 24 might want to put any update plans on hold until this bug issue is resolved.

5. Open Source Explained in Less Than Three Minutes by Phil Shapiro. Published October 7, 2016. Free Code Camp is an organization that teaches people to code. As part of this free training, student coders produce free code needed by nonprofit organizations. Free Code Camp doesn’t accept donations, but you can support them by buying t-shirts, hoodies and audiobooks through their store.

6. Our First Look at Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon by Christine Hall. Published July 25, 2016. A month after Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” was released we decided to take it for a spin and have our first ever look at the Cinnamon desktop.

7. Homicide Commits Suicide, HP Says It’s Sorry & More… by Christine Hall. Published October 7, 2016. Also included in this “Week in Review”: Judge seems to make software patents illegal, Mageia mourns a contributor, Yakkety Yak frozen, KDE’s new release, and getting ready for All Things Open.

8. Endless OS 3: Linux for the Net Less by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols. Published September 29th, 2016. This Ubuntu-based Linux distribution provides the Internet for those who don’t have 24×7 access to the net.

9. Kicking the Tires on Arch Based Antergos by Christine Hall. Published May 30, 2016. We decided to take the Arch Linux based distribution Antergos out for a test drive. Here’s how it handled, out in traffic and on the track.

10. In Search of a Linux Calendar by Christine Hall. Published January 7, 2016. “It was time to do some calendar hunting. And because I’d saved myself from Google’s always-at-the-ready suite of online tools, I started my search with…well, Google.”

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