WebAssembly Comes to Firefox

Just when you thought that web browsers were becoming boring, Mozilla announced that Firefox 52 now supports WebAssembly, which brings greatly enhanced speeds to web apps. Learn more about how this expands the capabilities of […]

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An Introduction to Open Data Kit

Open Data Kit

With just a little imagination, you could easily make yourself a pretty cool mobile app using Open Data Kit.

The Screening Room

Open Data Kit is a free and open source set […]

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‘Think WordPress’ Documentary Trailer

WordPress logo

While Linux runs the Internet, it’s the free and open source content management platform WordPress that runs most of the websites we visit to stay informed and entertained.

The Screening Room

Open source […]

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System 76 Talks With Ubuntu, WordPress Ups Game and More…

Ubuntu logo

Also included: Fedora community says goodbye to Matthew Williams, Solus gets a new package build system, end-of-life for Fedora 23 and IoT security.

FOSS Week in Review

Something arctic this way comes. […]

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Securing SourceForge With HTTPS


SourceForge says, “With a single click, projects can opt-in to switch their web hosting from HTTP to HTTPS.”

SourceForge has added a feature that gives project websites the opportunity to opt-in to using […]

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