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Celebrating “All Things Open’s” First Ten Years in Ten Days

Has it really been 11 years since All Things Open first opened its doors, which made Raleigh, North Carolina the home for what's become one of the most vital open-source events on the planet? Indeed it has, and during the next ten days we're going to take a look at each and every year's All Things Open.

RMS’s Cancer, Linux’s Shrinking Support, Goog’s ‘Privacy Sandbox’, Naming OpenSUSE, and More

Also included in this week's FOSS Week in Review: Gnome's new due date, readers say Red Hat's changed for the worse under IBM, and a new poll asks how you like your distros released.

A German State and Nextcloud Collaborate to Develop AI for Working With Government Documents

The open-source file hosting platform that recently added generative AI to its mixture of offerings, is now working with the German state of Schleswig-Holstein to come up with LLMs that can be locally hosted and are focused on the needs of governments.

Oracle Cloud Antes Into Generative AI and LLM Game With NVIDIA Chips

Oracle launches something of a bare metal cloud that takes advantage of Nvidia's H100 Tensor Core GPUs and is intended for running heavy duty generative AI and LLM workloads. A more budget minded offering using Nvidia's L40S GPU will be available early next year.

Upbound Donates Upjet Code Generator Framework to CNCF’s Crossplane Project

A little over three years ago, Unbound donated its Crossplane framework to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation where it has thrived. On Tuesday, the company donated Upjet, a framework it's designed to be used with Crossplane, to CNCF.

Nextcloud Unveils Hub 6: More than a FOSS Replacement for Microsoft 365 Business Standard

New features in Nextcloud Hub 6 include optional AI features, with Nextcloud’s Ethical AI ratings which provide information on the privacy and data sovereignty implications of the various options.

FOSS Week In Review: ZFS’s Ubuntu Return, the Nigerian Prince Goes AI, Stolen Passwords, Torvalds Does Hutton, and More

In this week's roundup we look at ZFS's return to Ubuntu as an install option (and why it was removed in the first place), how the Nigerian Prince is adopting AI for phishing, Linux Torvalds fabulous impersonation of E.F. Hutton, and more.

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