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Five Linux Distros for New Users


Those who’re new to Linux want the best distro out there for new users, which means simple things like ease of use, productivity, speed, and security. But which distros are the best for new users? Actually, there is probably no “best,” but there are many distros that are designed keeping the needs of the inexperienced Linux user in mind.

Some of them, like Linux Mint, are tried and true — a solid operating system that […]

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SCALE 13x in Pictures

Okay, so you’ve probably heard more than you want from me, word-wise, when it comes to SCALE 13x. So I’ll shut up now. But while I wait for the applause to die down, I will say that, from most standpoints, SCALE 13x was a remarkable success.

That said, here are some photos from the four-day event. SCALE 14x will pick up again next year in Los Angeles, more than likely at a new venue that […]

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SCALE 13x, Day 3: The Finale

Nathan Haines, Ubuntu, SCALE13x

First things first: It’s a safe bet that Ruth Suehle could read the Raleigh phone book and make it sound interesting, with or without accompanying Lowenbrau slides. So it would come as no surprise that of all the great keynotes that have been given at the Southern California Linux Expo, Ruth’s Sunday keynote makes anyone’s SCALE short list as an all-time great.

Generally, many who attend three-day — excuse me, a four-day — event like […]

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Running Bodhi 3.0.0 Legacy on Older Hardware

Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 Legacy

There are many reasons why people use Bodhi Linux. Some use it because they really like the Enlightenment desktop, and Bodhi has pioneered the integration of Enlightenment to create a distro that is both beautiful, elegant and functional. Others use it because they want an operating system that stays out of their way, and although Enlightenment offers plenty of whistles and bells for those who need or want them, it can also be configured to […]

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SCALE 13x, Day 2: Knock on Wood

Tux, Linux, SCALE13x

There’s a scene in the movie “Apollo 13″ where astronaut Jim Lovell (played by Tom Hanks) is excitedly rushing through the house after finding out he’s been picked to go to the moon on Apollo 13. His wife asks, “Why 13?” “It comes after 12,” Lovell replies without missing a beat.

For all the angst and trepidation that accompanied the fact that this is “unlucky” number 13 in the series of Southern California Linux Expo […]

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