Welcome to the Matrix

To paraphrase Pogo Possum: We have met the future and it is now.

Machines able to think freely, and perhaps with self awareness, are evidently just around the corner if they’re not already here. The talk of such things began to get pretty serious a decade or so ago when the scientific community shortened the […]

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‘Sunday Times’ Files DMCA Takedown Against ‘The Intercept’

Sunday Times

Yesterday’s ‘Sunday Times’ front page.

The Rupert Murdoch controlled Sunday Times of London finds itself embroiled in controversy today, over both a front page article that appeared in the paper yesterday and a related DMCA Notice it issued against the U.S. based political […]

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Redmond Fights FOSS Openness With ‘Transparency’ Centers

Homer Simpson spy

The allegations that came with the Edward Snowden revelations of Microsoft’s cooperation with U.S. spy agencies is evidently still a problem for Redmond, if a blog item posted yesterday by security VP Matt Thomlinson is any indication. It seems the company has opened a second Transparency Center, this one in Brussels. The news comes eleven […]

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Nitpicking Linux

Arguing Linux

We can be a quarrelsome people. We can. All of us. Millions of us.

Millions of people, representing different cultures, languages, religions and political or moral belief structures. But somehow we pull it off — this whole “Linux thing.” From where I stand, this cohesion may well be noted by people hundreds of years from […]

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Nowhere to Run or Hide in the Technology Age

LPR camera

Free tech is about much more than free software. It’s more than just being able to see and modify code and deeper than the rivalry between proprietary and FOSS or Windows versus Linux. It’s not just about computers. Free tech is also about freedom and rights, and keeping our lifestyle from being destroyed by the […]

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New Tech Trash to the Landfill

Dumpster Diving

Diane and I were watching the Austin local news two weeks ago and one of the features was about a guy who made 60K a year by dumpster diving for his Ebay store. At some time I probably already knew this, and I knew it was true.

Eight days ago, I went dumpster diving […]

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