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The AT&T Mafia, LibraOffice Online & More…

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FOSS Week in Review

Larry Cafiero’s off doing some important Larry stuff and I was told I could avoid detention if I wrote the Week in Review for him, so here I am.

LibreOffice as SaaS

This from our “it’s about time but it ain’t time yet” department. The Document Foundation, those fine folks who […]

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FOSS & Accessibility: The New Frontier

Charlie Kravetz said he was a little nervous at SCALE 13x. Not only had his presentation slides gorped about a week ahead of the expo (he got them back together and working, of course), it was Charlie’s first time speaking in front of a group. And the message he wished to convey in his talk, […]

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Using FOSS Out-of-the-Box

Libre Planet 2015 logo

It’s a rare thing when I double down on a previous week’s article. Most of the time that second effort is perceived as defensive or argumentative. This is neither. It’s just a rare thing.

We spoke together last week about some glaring holes in AAC software in the Linuxsphere. AAC is short for Augmentative and […]

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A Developer’s Eye View of Bodhi 3.0.0

Bodhi Linux logo

After two years of development, the stable version of the latest and greatest version of Bodhi Linux, 3.0.0, was released last month. There’s little doubt that loyal users breathed a sigh of relief with the release, as there had been some question about whether the distro would continue after project founder Jeff Hoogland briefly resigned […]

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The Cat That Has Linux’s Tongue

Mbrola not working

Can you hear me now?

The question, if it’s presented with early 21st century pop culture in mind, is rhetorical. If you are relying on text to speech (TTS) applications in Linux, then it’s not…and the answer is no.

No, you cannot hear me now.

I chose to have my larynx removed during the […]

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