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OnlyOffice: A FOSS Office Suite for the Cloud


Tatiana Kochedykova

If you’re looking for a free and open source replacement for the convenience and functionality offered by the likes of Google Docs and Office 365, you might want to take a look at OnlyOffice.

OnlyOffice is a web-based open source productivity suite for document collaboration, sharing, and management, project management, client […]

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Using Blender to Edit Videos

Blender edit screen

Sometimes applications have capabilities that go beyond their primary use. Our contributing video editor found this excellent video tutorial on editing videos in Blender, an app that’s primarily used for creating animated films.

The Video Screening Room

Blender is well-known for its 3D animation features, but did you know it also […]

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Using Inkscape in Cartography

Inkscape logo

There are literally thousands of practical uses for the free and open source Inkscape vector graphics editor. Here, we get a glimpse at how mapmakers can use it in combination with another FOSS tool.

The Video Screening Room

Michele Tobias, an environmental scientist with the California Department of Parks and Recreation, […]

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Learning OpenToonz the Easy Way

Phil Ray OpenToonz tutorial

The Video Screening Room

Especially when dealing with a visual art, it might be easier to see how it’s done rather than read about it.

Some of the OpenToonz animation software tutorials being uploaded to YouTube are excellent. I’m fond of Phil Ray’s explainer videos — especially this one.


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Learn Perl Online for Free

Learn Perl video screenshot

The Video Screening Room

You don’t have to invest a fortune to get started learning a programming or scripting language. Don’t believe it? Take a look at this free and easy to understand tutorial for learning Perl.


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Learn Git and GitHub Through Videos

Technically, only five of Github's Octocat's legs are visible, but there are eight there.

The Video Screening Room

These days, GitHub is pretty much the warehouse district where nearly all open source projects are stored and maintained. There are some tricks to navigating the site, which can easily be mastered by watching tutorial videos.

If you’re an open source enthusiast, you need to be advocating for interested […]

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Learning Inkscape by Video

The Video Screening Room Another great video tutorial for learning how to use a free and open source program. This time it’s the popular vector drawing program, Inkscape.

Inkscape is a top-notch, free open source vector drawing program that runs on Linux, Mac and Windows. You can use it for print design work, web design […]

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Another OpenToonz Tutorial Video

OpenToonz YouTube screenshot

The Video Screening Room

The studio quality 2D animation software, OpenToonz, which was recently open sourced continues to find adopters. Luckily for those trying to figure out how to use it, there are plenty of videos.

OpenToonz was released as open source less than a month ago and the quality of […]

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