October’s Top 10

Top 10 FOSS Force articles

These are the ten most read articles on FOSS Force for the month of October, 2016.

1. We’re From Microsoft and We’ve Been Remotely Watching Your Computer by Ken Starks. Published October 4, 2016. It’s […]

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Moodle Installation Made Easy

Not only is Moodle an equivalent to Blackboard, many claim it to be superior. Also, it’s free, while Blackboard is very expensive.

The Video Screening Room

Moodle is a very popular course-management system, […]

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Phil Shapiro: Open Source and Social Justice Advocate

One thing we learned a long time ago here at FOSS Force is that the world could use more people like Phil Shapiro.

The FOSS Force Video Interview

If you visit the public […]

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Using Open Source for Data

As we like to say at FOSS Force, open source is taking over the world. It’s everywhere you look.

The Video Screening Room

Bryan Liles, from DigitalOcean, explains about many useful open source […]

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Preparing Data with OpenRefine

Big Data University

If you’re looking for a career in big data, you might consider taking a free data science course from Big Data University.

The Video Screening Room

Many open source enthusiasts might not realize […]

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