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Huawei and Other Mobile ‘Tech Giants’: You Should (Really) Break Free from Google/Android

The founder of the privacy respecting version of Android, /e/, says the time is right for phone makers to adopt an operating system that isn't dependent on a single company.

When Peer Pressure Nukes Linux for Windows

Ed Matthews

A grandson was happy with the flame throwing hot rod Linux gaming computer that his grandfather had built — until peer pressure came into play.

It’s Sunday evening and I’m in my daughter’s kitchen. My grandson and I have taken over the table with the computer I built for him, the family’s desktop, his laptop, and my laptop.

I have read multiple sources in the newsgroup saying that Windows is much, much easier to install and configure than Linux. Some people say those guys are trolls. Whatever. I need one of those sources to meet me in my daughter’s kitchen in the lower left corner of Missouri, USA, to show me how to finish installing Windows 7 on my grandson’s computer.

FOSS DOS for 21st Century Hardware

Jim Hall

The founder and coordinator of the FreeDOS Project writes about FreeDOS 1.2, which is scheduled for a Christmas Day release. There is good news for classic gamers and nostalgia buffs: this one’s got games.

Wing FreeDOSWing FreeDOS
WING is a DOS game similar to the arcade game Galaga.

Sure, you know a lot about Linux, but what about other non-Linux free and open source software systems? FreeDOS is an open source implementation of DOS. While DOS isn’t as old as Unix, it has a rich history. Let me tell you about how FreeDOS came about, and what’s coming up next.

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