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Linux People Should Say, ‘You’re Welcome, Windows Users’

VW Linux

If it wasn’t for Linux setting the bar, would Windows users still be dealing with the “blue screen of death” several times a day?

Roblimo’s Hideaway

Looking for Some Open Source Virtual Reality?

Razer OSVR HDK2 virtual reality headset.

For those of you who like your reality virtual and your software open, there are options — such as this nifty headset our Phil Shapiro found while searching YouTube.

The Screening Room


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MongoDB Ransomware Attacks Grow in Number

MondoDB ransomware

Evidently DevOps running MongoDB haven’t heard the word about the latest round of ransomware targeting the database, as the numbers of deployments with data being held for ransom continues to rise.

Last week […]

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GNU Officially Boots Libreboot

booting Libreboot

FSF and GNU decide to grant Libreboot lead developer Leah Rowe’s wishes. The project is no longer a part of GNU says RMS.

Breaking News

A saga that began about four months […]

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Inkscape 0.92 Is Released

Inkscape 0.92

Wednesday saw the official release of Inkscape 0.92. Eleven months in the making, this version comes with many improvements, including mesh gradients, an improved Pencil tool that features interactive smoothing and much more.

The […]

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