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SourceForge’s New Owners, Mint’s New Apps & More…

FOSS Week in Review

Thank goodness this week is over. After our Larry Cafiero spent last week “putting out fires,” as he puts it, at SCALE 14x, I’ve spent the last couple of days doing the same here at FOSS Force. It seems our article on Slashdot’s sale attracted some unruly types to the comments, […]

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The Firefox Is in the Hen House

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Way back when, before Google got into the software biz with stuff like Android and Chrome, Firefox cut a deal with the ad-agency-masquerading-as-a-search-engine which probably made Mozilla’s browser the most well funded open source project outside of Linux. The deal — simply to make Google the default search engine in Firefox — was a no […]

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Happy Birthday Chrome, a New Elementary & More…

All Things Open 2015

FOSS Week in Review

While Larry’s on the West Coast, where it’s never too hot nor too cold, on a brief educational sabbatical, burning the midnight oil while cramming to increase his Linux skills, I’m in North Carolina where it’s not often too cold — at least in my part of the state — but […]

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Saying Goodbye to Java the Hard Way

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The Best of Ken Starks

We were fortunate enough to have a donated space in the expo hall at Texas Linux Fest this year. Carolyn Hulsey, who is one of our directors, manned the Reglue booth for us on Friday. She jokingly asked if I wanted her to be our “booth babe” this year. She […]

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Netflix, Chrome, DRM & Other Nasties

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Monday’s article on easy Netflix coming at last to Linux garnered a few polite responses, taking me to task for my enthusiasm for a “non-free” solution. The problems are that Netflix uses DRM and that currently its use on GNU/Linux requires the use of the proprietary Chrome browser. One commenter even questioned FOSS Force’s commitment […]

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Google, Browsers & DRM

Google logo

A recent brouhaha concerning Google comes from an item that made the rounds in the last week or so regarding older browsers and Google search. It seems that some users of older browsers have been receiving an outdated version of Google’s homepage when attempting to make a search. Evidently, Google searches made using these browsers […]

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January’s Top Ten

These are the top ten most read articles on FOSS Force during the month of January:

1. Firefox OS: The Return of Microsoft’s Netscape Fears by Christine Hall. Published January 10, 2014. A look at Firefox OS’s use of HTML5 and what impact that might have on other operating systems.

2. Blame FUD for Microsoft’s […]

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