The Wide World of Canonical

You can work for Canonical in England, one country, and affect what happens in 239 other countries, if there were actually 239 more countries.

Last week, I wrote an item that mentioned that the original Ars Technica article on 10 years of Ubuntu, since rightfully edited to delete the number of countries under the sphere of Ubuntu’s influence, briefly reflected the following irksome claim:

“Today, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, estimates that there are 25 million Ubuntu users worldwide. Those users span 240 countries…”

Numbers: They may not be Canonical’s strongest suit.

I don’t blame Ars Technica for [...]

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Ohio LinuxFest 2014 – A Look At Tomorrow

OLF welcome

I went to the Ohio Linux Fest this year to give the closing keynote address to somewhere around 300 folks. And trust me…this will show up later so you’ll know what I mean…the last two minutes of my keynote were the best part. Wait for it…soon.

But that wasn’t the sum of what I brought home. What I came home with was something a bit more substantial…. I came home with great expectations and hope [...]

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‘Hello World’s’ Indiegogo Campaign a Big Success

Hello World Nielson

It’s all over for Hello World’s fundraising campaign on Indiegogo — and what a success it was.

You may remember that the project, which makes short educational videos on Linux and other tech subjects, began a crowdsourcing campaign on September 10th, hoping to raise $2,048 needed to purchase new equipment. On October 9th we reported that the project had exceeded its goal, with a total at that time of $3,145. The campaign ended nine days [...]

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Looking Ahead at Upcoming FOSS Events


Now that the mega-conference week that was is in the books — Ohio LinuxFest, All Things Open and Seattle GNU/Linux Conference are all history for this year — generally the Linux/FOSS world catches its collective breath and starts thinking about shows in 2015.

But wait. There’s one more event that deserves special mention before we close out the year. For those of you who are on the BSD side of the FOSS street, Meet BSD [...]

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Synaptic Vs. Update Manager in Linux Mint

Linux Mint Update manager

I spent four days last week attending Ohio LinuxFest 2014, one of the busiest and most successful Linux shows in the country. It was my honor and privilege to deliver the closing keynote this year, and much of what I said either alluded to or squarely addressed our trust in free open source software.

That should be a no-brainer, right? I mean, GNU/Linux, or just “Linux”, is rooted in FOSS applications and principle.

Except when [...]

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