Looking at the Cracker Hacker Economy

Symantec logo

Today I spent some time looking at a white paper issued by the security firm Symantec called Website Security Threat Report, which is basically a catalog of malware threats for the non-techie suits who control the purse strings for web facing server deployments — sort of a “here boss, this is why we have to […]

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Limit Your Linux Super Powers With su & sudo

sudo password prompt

I recently offered some security tips aimed at new system administrators. And hey, the home users among you should take note, after all, you’re the administrator of your home system! One of the tips was “Don’t run as root.” Today I would like to expand on that a bit. First, we’ll take a look at […]

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The NSA, Windows & Antivirus

Boris and Natasha

Poor Microsoft. The beleaguered company just can’t catch a break. We’ve already told you about how Snowden’s revelations have forced the pride of Redmond to spend who knows how many millions opening two “transparency centers” to allow government IT experts to pore through source code to prove there’s no back doors baked into Windows or […]

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Five Security Tips for New Linux Admins

Monitor padlock

It’s generally fairly easy for new Linux administrators to get up and running with the basics of installing, configuring and managing Linux systems at a basic level. Truthfully, though, it takes years to get the in-depth knowledge required in many server environments today. One thing I really recommend learning early on — i.e. from the […]

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Linux Chromebooks, Securing the Web & More…

Old Solus OS logo

FOSS Week in Review

Unfortunately, Larry’s a little under the weather today, so here I am…

Put that on your Chromebook and run it

We hear from Softpedia that Chromixium is just about ready for prime time. Well, that may be jumping the gun a little bit. What we really hear is that the distro […]

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Linux Security Vulnerability: GHOST

If you’re running any flavor of Linux, you might want to check with your distro’s repository for security updates. A vulnerability has been found in the GNU C Library (glibc) that can let a hacker take control of a system. Not all systems are vulnerable, but most probably are.

Upon learning of this security hole […]

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