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When Linux Distros Are Abandoned

Abandoned House

It was a hard lesson learned.

The problem was, it wasn’t just me who suffered. It was dozens of people in my organization, and had this happened a month later than it did, it could have been hundreds.

We’ve had some fairly high profile Linux distros fold up their tents and move along. Whether due […]

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SolusOS: Life Happens…Distros Die

switchboardThe emails began about 7 AM.

“Is Ikey serious. Is this a joke. WTF?”

“Ken, have you seen this?”

“This has got to be a joke…right? Everything was OK yesterday? What happened?”

Here in the US, those of us who follow such things woke up to somber […]

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SolusOS: A Linux Distro Stands Its Ground…

Ikey Dohertyr of SolusOS

Ikey Doherty, creator of SolusOS

We’ve all heard the term, “Standing on the shoulders of giants.” In the Linux world, it’s more of a rule than an exception. I mean, a lot of Linux distros use another distro to base […]

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