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Fedora 24, SourceForge’s Dilemma & More…

Fedora logo

Also included: Solus 1.2, Elementary Snaps, Microsoft fights OEM crapware and LibreOffice’s minor upgrade.

FOSS Week in Review

The biggest news this week was the much awaited release of Fedora 24.

It’s baseball season, and in baseball about this time of year talk turns to trades. Well, I’ve been traded for […]

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Putting Together a Video Book Review

Video book review NeuroTribes

Some things are easier than you might think. For example, here our contributing video editor gives you an example of a way that you can give thanks to a favorite author in a useful way with nothing more than a laptop, some freely available software and a YouTube account.

The Video Screening […]

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Do Sony Vaios Dream of Ubuntu MATE?

Ubuntu Mate logo

A new open source tinkerer begins his journey with Ubuntu MATE Linux on an ancient laptop with almost the greatest of ease. Almost.

The Linux Gadabout

For years I’ve been toying with the idea of tinkering with Linux and seeing what this whole open source thing is all about. I’m not […]

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Happy Birthday, Phoronix!

Happy birthday Phoronix

Phoronix, the website published by Michael Larabel and his team, is having its twelfth birthday today. And while websites can’t eat cake, the people who keep them up and running can, so we’re hoping that Larabel and his friends partake of some cake and ice cream today to celebrate all of the great work they […]

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Tech Writer Matt Hartley on Covering and Using Linux

Matt Hartley

The FOSS Force Video Interview

It would be difficult to find anyone who’s been hanging in FOSS circles for more than a week or two who isn’t familiar with FOSS media maven Matt Hartley. We thought we’d invite him along for a video interview to see what he’s really like.

Matt Hartley uses […]

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OSCON for the Rest of Us Starts Today

OSCON logo

With the two day training classes and tutorials out of the way, OSCON gets cranked up today for the rest of us — in its new Austin, Texas home.

Things get cranked-up for real in Austin, Texas today at OSCON. Although the conference started on Monday, the first two days were reserved for […]

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The Best Windows 10 Commercial Ever

Microsoft Windows 7 warning

We interrupt this weather report with a very important announcement. Despite our best efforts, your local TV station has not yet upgraded to Windows 10. We warned them that something like this was bound to happen sooner or later.

We absolutely had to share this with you.

On Wednesday morning on KCCI, the CBS […]

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A Young Linux-Loving Singer-Songwriter

Emily Fox

The Video Screening Room

What’s a young lass from the UK who writes songs, makes videos and sells her albums online doing being featured on a FOSS site? Maybe it’s that penguin on the wall.

Emily Fox is a talented musician and Linux-loving youth in the United Kingdom. Her musical talent […]

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